POP 2 - scanning with turntable and marker - small bust of woman

Hi everyone,
I scanned a small bust of woman (3D printed) with the POP 2. I wanted to try to scan a small object with the use of marks (those present on the turntable plate)
For the scan I used a light (led) fixed to the side of the bust. The small bust (13cm) was placed on the turntable and the scanner was used on the tripod.

I made several scanning rotations by placing the sculpture in different positions and raising and lowering the scanner on the tripod.

Of course it is necessary to position the scanner so that, in addition to the object, the marks are also visible.

The different scans (all very clean and with very little noise) were aligned using meshlab (on MacBook Pro).

The various aligned scans were merged and then meshed.

The result is very precise (made control measurement with caliper)

The scan is very clean


Nice scan. You mention that you use an additional light source (for the scan of the bronze horse head, too). Why did you do that? For the bronze item I can understand that you would want the RGB-image for the texture to be clear and bright, but for an item whith a white surface this wouldn’t be the issue. Additional light usually disturbs 3D-scanning.

hi Herbert
Yes you are right
for the small bust I also tested the acquisition of the texture
I wanted to see what the result of merging multiple scans of a uniform surface could be
The result was not good
Thanks for appreciation