Saving Projects From iPhone

Hi All, lots of great info in this forum. But I have not found the answer to a difficulty I’m having on my iPhone 12 ProMax using Revo Scan. I have several nice scans that I think are good enough now to start using a third party editor to clean up to print. But after selecting a “project” from the list and selecting “share”, there is no destination that has any kind of button to command the share to execute. For example, if I select iCloud, I can only get as far as generating a new folder on the cloud and renaming the file to something I’ll recognize. At that point the only thing that is visible in the share area of the revo scan software related to command buttons is “cancel”.

I noticed the same problem

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@patriotart2021 the only way i have been able to get the file is using the outlook app and sending myself an email but i can only send one file at a time. I have created another post in support to see if we can get a patch.

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Ill look for your thread and try Outlook as well.

Emailing worked after airdropping it to a tablet. Works in the meantime until they develope a patch. Thank you again.

Check out Mayrighters and my comments below. Thank you for replying.

Just linking the two topics.

I can’t even find the file on my iPhone. :cry: