Transfer multiple projects to PC


I have Revo Scan 5.3.1 running and so far I’m happy with it.
What I really miss, though, is the option to transfer more than one project at a time via Wifi from the tablet to the PC. It’s really a pain to have to initiate the transfer - with number code or QR - , wait until the project is sent, then find “import from phone” in the menu again and start the entire process for the next project.
When you have been “out and about” and have scanned a lot of objects, it’s really inconvinient to have to initiate the transfer over and over again.
And no, I can’t transfer the projects in a different way: the file system on my tablet is closed, thus not accessible through USB, and to remove the SD-card I need a screwdriver.

It changed because now all projects including the whole data and files so the size is rather huge per 1 project .

Hopefully the multiple import function returns back in the future versions .

For the same reason I personally switched to Windows Tablets so I can have my all projects saved direct to flash drive… and skip the importing part via WiFi … but in your case there is not an option .

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Thank you :blush:

Well, that’s how it is, then. Shortly after I sent the question I found out that I can copy the folders, but I need to use Windows Explorer - which I don’t like - and can’t use my usual file browser. But at least I have a kind of workaround.

Unfortunately the files are not exposed on IOS.