Re installing Revo 5 on PC

My Revo % crash last week, and when I re open it, I had lost track of my projects.
But someone help me finding them back on my computer, and regain them all.

But since, I have problems sharing my scanned files from the Iphone to my PC.
So I am thinking about re installing the software. Maybe it would help.

What do you think, and will I be losing track of my projects again ?

Hi @geonsx

The project list in your software is a history , it is not a folder list . You need to open your project in Revo Scan 5 click save and it will appear again , because it is just a history .

Please contact regarding your iPhone issues , do not continue another thread about it .

In the future you can find the list of projects it shows you on the Home screen in AppData/Local/RevoScan5/config/revoscan.cfg.

Or rather that file contains references to the location of said projects.

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