Pop2 revoscan5 Missing transfer data to pc

Hi, after a years of so I found my pop2 again (threw it aside for not working) and tried another scan.
Did a somwhat fairly scanned object, but now I want to transfer it to PC.
Selected the project, used the Share button, but I only see the buttons Select all and Delete… so no share.
Got into the project and voila, a share. But I can only share to file formats ply, obj and stl. No mention of transferring to PC.
Please help!

Hi @Arco

May I ask if you are using Android or iOS? Can you give us the software version ?

Thank you. I use Android 11, latest version of the app. However, I think I found it, have to export the complete project, not just a scan. That is not mentioned anywhere.
I just saw different things on the YouTube channel and my phone.
I think I solved it, now struggling with the application to merge and create a good result (difficult, for humans have to breath sometimes)

Hi @Arco , the new Revo Scan uses now projects to complete your edit at higher quality on your computer, the old app did only allows to export meshes . You may watching old videos that are no more actual .

Yes I don’t even attempt merging humans , impossible task as humans never stand still so the results may wary .

Yes, with each version update, the location of the share button may vary. We will create a tutorial specifically for Android scanning and share it.