Samsung S21 Ultra works over USB

I ordered this Y cable from Amazon ASIN B00B5T3UTS for £3.79 GBP. Using HandyScan 1.6.8 it works great. Hot Spot/WiFi still doesnt work though. At least I am now mobile!
Y Cable


Oh, nice. Gona try it thx

Thank you so much, could you post the link? I cannot find it

Sure… link

how do you connect this cable to the phone ?
can I use the original USB-C to USB-A converter that comes with the phone ?
as far as I know it is a forcing the phone to a host mode.

Yes, I used similar,

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As a side note apparently it is a feature that Marker mode does not work over WiFi/hotspot for technical reasons. However Marker mode does work when my S21 Ultra is connected over USB. Which lets me use marker mode when out in the field if needed. Great when I next need to scan the bonnet of my car :slightly_smiling_face:

well, I actually have more than “just marker mode” on wifi.
when my POP is connected through wifi to the phone, I can see the b&w image from camera on the left down corner of the screen.
The left-up corner is not filled in with video output.
And the scan buttons are not active.

What am I missing ?

(I user 1.6.8 software version)