Revopoint POP Scan of my Sumo Figurine With my Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Another scan of my Sumo statuette, one of the subjects I use to evaluate any changes I make to my setup or my techniques. This one was performed with my new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. I can’t say enough good things about this Android phone. It tracks even better than my Windows PC and has room for about 2000 frames without stopping. I love the way it renders, also. Because my other phones were under-equipped to do the job, this is the first time I’ve ever really gotten decent mobile scans.


Did your Note20 ultra connect via USB cable or wifi?
I was reading this post below, and it seems all the Samsung models can only do wifi. Was that the case for you?

I’m currently looking into getting a new phone and 2000 frames on the Note 20 ultra sounds very capable for a mobile device and this scanner. May I ask how long this scan took to reach 2000 frames (before meshing) and how big is the file size (is it very large as in gigabytes)? Also, can the handyscan (phone app) save the data to an external SD card or does it only save on the phone’s internal storage space? Thank you.

I haven’t played around with the phone very much, so these remarks are just my recollections. The scanning seems to go faster, regaining tracking seems quicker. Capturing 2000 frames took less than a couple of minutes. Fusing is faster than my Windows 10 PC; meshing is very fast. There’s no option in Android HandyScan to assign file names. I used my Windows to get into the folders and files in HandySmart and move them to my SD in the phone. I don’t know if you can do that with just the phone’s file manager. And yes it only works on wi-fi, even with the cables that worked with the a21s for USB. But it’s fast. I hope that helps. It’s an expensive phone, but I got a refurb from Amazon.

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All very informative, I’m impressed with the speed of only a few minutes to capture that many frames freehand. Interesting about the SD file management as I don’t want to fill the main phone’s storage and would much rather put it on the external card. Thanks for your input, the Note ultra is definitely on my short list of possible phones to get for the POP 2 I backed.