Initial thoughts

Shipping: I’m satisfied with the shipping. Could of had better information, but I guess it is expected.

Windows PC:
Initially meets my expectations.
My windows computer can handle the 1amp requirement and everything works good after playing with it for a bit. I noticed dark colors may be a problem, but I will need to practice more. Also scanning slow is kinda hard, I am thinking about attaching the scanner to my video camera stabilizer to see if it helps.

Android Samsung galaxy s21:
Initially fails my expectations. My phone cannot handle the 1amp requirement, expected. I connected through wifi mode, acceptable method of connect, easy. The USB connect mode doesn’t work right now because my phone power, I’m planning on buying a powered USB hub. The y connectors don’t seem to work. I’m looking for some recommendation for products. If the wifi works just as well as the USB, wifi is fine. I am able to connect to the android app and power the scanner using USB power supply with wifi mode. Although I cannot scan anything. The app is not crashing, but the scan button does not seem to work. Maybe a different version of the app will work. Currently the android does not work for me, app version 1.5.

Let’s talk together, I like the device so far. The expectation is for software improvements. Thank you to the revopop team so far!


Hi, @Kennyishio, thanks for sharing your thoughts.
For Android version, our product team tested Samsung Galaxy phones with Net mode, and they said the Net mode should be work.
Could you please double confirm if your setting is right? For example, Wi-Fi should be off, hotspot and password should be right. If all right, could you please send us a video of all your steps so that we can double check what’s the problem? Thanks.

Here is the video


I got mine a couple of weeks ago. I’m happy so far, did a couple of scans so far, got usable models. It does pay to read the documentation and posts here. This has been one of the (few) successful KS projects I’ve backed, good work. I do only use it with my Win PC, I’m not confident that a phone can really handle the data/processing load.

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We will check with product team and reply.

Hello, @wje, It’s so glad to hear your words about " This has been one of the (few) successful KS projects I’ve backed, good work. " Thank you very much.
Welcome to share your scan results in “Showcase” section when it is convenient for you. :smiley: