【RevoTips】How to Get Better Texture

This is the RevoTips for this week.

Sometimes, the colors of an RGB camera can be affected by ambient lighting. To achieve accurate color reproduction, you may need to manually adjust the white balance.


Can I add something to this tutorial .

The best choice to set the white balance is to use a photography color chart and use neutral gray color and let the White Balance to adjust then switch to manual . After that the Exposure switched to manual . Never calibrate your White Balance while the Exposure is set to manual .

Again :

Point your scanner on a neutral gray color area , after it adjust set the WB to manual .
Then move to Exposure and switch to manual . Sometimes it is recommended to adjust the exposure slightly darker like 1 point to avoid overexposure .

I always use Photography color chart, the best way to calibrate White Balance

You can get it at Amazon or any photogrammetry related store , or even print it out using your office printer as long the paper is not glossy . It will works just fine .

The neutral Gray card is the best .


Sure, thanks @PUTV for the additions! That’s very helpful! :blush:

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