Revostudio5 - Project Merger App

Greetings Masters,

Just created this basic project merger app to allow me to merge multiple projects into a single project. I found i have this need specially when using mobile captures, it creates a new project instead of a new scan like in the desktop app.


This would ideally be done natively inside the software but for now it solves this issue.

One can merge the project files manually by copying the data folder into the merge project and editing the .revo file with notepad++ copying the blocks for the childs that give the program the reference of the files to load in the scanline

project is in my github, should work on all platforms, requiring only python to be installed with no other dependencies.

if there is interest i can build a self contained exec
utable for windows/mac


That’s really great one V, you should post it in the public forum , I know many would love that .
Thanks !

@Revopoint-Cassie check it out

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compiled a single file executable for windows to make it easier to use


Great :+1:t2: thanks V !

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Moved the post to Tutorials & Tips. Feel free to move it to a more appropriate section if you know one.

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Very special,
I have ask many time ago…
can you change also the name of the origin directory???
I means all the file createt with phone are
project and many number…
for simplyfy you can change all the name of the file from first directory to last name…
usually I use may be face - bottom - front - etc…
because without an image of what there is into a directory is difficolt to know how there is into the …
usually when I go to a place i don’t made only one scan may be three or four project… so i must open look the scan close open with file project and rename the original directory so I know always what I have inside…for all the single project but is annoyng… also the first start of revo the image is so little that I understand nothing…

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The top folder name and the top folder project can be changed to watever you want since it does not matter to the revostudio.

The sub folders inside data cannot, not manually since the folder name must be unique and that unique name must be exactly the same on the main project file.

However You can change the name of each scan inside the project from within revostudio.

I can add to the app a feature to allow bulk change to the names of a scan and scan folders of a given project if there is interest in that.

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@GMGB don’t change anything inside the structure of the project ,or you going to mess up everything .

As @X3msnake stated, change the name only in Revo Studio 5 after you merged the projects and loaded it , then you know what you have , but never change the unique names inside the project of individual scans .
The main project name can be changed .

Revopoint working on a scan manager program where you can manage all your stuff in the future , so for now enjoy what @X3msnake created


Great job! It came really handy. just what I needed! Thank you!

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will this application work with Revo Scan 4.x ?

Probably not, i don’t remember when the JSON came into being but i think it was 5.0+

Thank you. Yes, I see that there is no json file in the project folder for version 4.x.