How to migrate Revo Scan 5 projects to another PC?

Hello. I’ve recently built a new PC and tried to migrate my Revo Scan 5 projects from the old PC to the new by copying them to the C:\Users\Alex\AppData\Roaming\RevoScan5\Projects folder on the new machine. However, RevoScan 5 on the new PC doesn’t “see” them. What do I need to migrate from the old PC to the new PC so I don’t have to manually import all of the projects again?

Thanks for any help you could provide.

I think that’s a recently used project list. When I open a scan I did on another computer, I usually either use the “open” button above, or double click the .revo file in the folder.

Thanks. I think I over-simplified the question. The “real” problem is that I had changed the names of the projects via the “rename” option on the Project list’s three-dot menu (under “more”). This option sets the “Name” column of the list but doesn’t actually rename the project file itself. The result is that if I simply re-open each project, it will not carry over the new name. So, if I rename “Project06192023174724” to “Scan 1 left side”, the re-opened project will come in as “Project06192023174724” again.

I need to pull the data over from the old PC that contains these new project names. Failing that, I need for Revopoint to update the Revo Scan app such that “rename” actually does rename the entire project folder in the “C:\Users\Alex\AppData\Roaming\RevoScan5\Projects” folder.

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The list is history , it is not a folder browser so only imported or edited projects will be visible … in the future Revopoint will create a browser like project list to manage it better, for now it is just a history not linked to your actual folder . Any changes you make in RS 5 will not change the actual folder files , and there is a reason for. So you will have to import each folder to your new PC RS5 and save it to show up in your project list history .

Change the project names only in your folder before your import to RS5 , changing the name under history list will not affect the names in your folder . It will be readed only internally by RS5

Understood. Would you mind asking your developers where that list data is persisted? If it’s in plain text like a JSON file or registry entries, I can at least write a script to move the data from my old PC to the new PC and save me some (literally) hours of time.


I will , I was also wondering where the project names are saved if not in the projects itself … I will try to find out

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