Revoscan Projects

Hi, I have some questions about Revoscan and the project handling.
Maybe I did not understand how it works, but somehow it is more and more messing up my scans.
It is clear and logical that there is a Project, under witsh it can handle multiple scans.
Somehow there are now mixing scans in different Projects. If I try to rename a project, it is not renamed inside the file structure. I have now over the last two day’s 50 Projects with different scans, some are good some are not. By removing the unnessesary scans, RS is not removing the project. Inside the Windows Explorer it is completly messed up with over 200 project folders, all named by month-day-year-time as a long number without “./_”. I thought by renaming the Project, it will rename the Project-Folder, but it did’nt.

When I want to Import a a Project to the Homescreen, I need to make a new Project(New messy empty Folder), and open a Project. I can’t find a way to Open a Project inside of the Homescreen. Drag&Drop a Revoscan Project does not work.

I scanned yesterday a bunch of schleich animals, without fusing it on the Miraco. Transfered everything to the PC, and found scans from the Ape inside the Elefant, Scans of the Goat are inside the Ape and the Elefant… and so on. It is completly mixed up. Yes I did make a new Project on the Miraco, and not make a new Scan inside a Project.

Okay than I thougt I sort it myself and moved the Scans to the coresponding Folders of the Project. Bad Idea… Subscans are not recognised if you just Copy them into a Project. Now the Project does not find anything.

I think I can delete everything, and start over. Handling multiple Scans at the same time seems to be not posiible. I have to scan something, finish all steps, and export the OBJ & Texture to a seperate Folder. Delete the Project, and start a new Scan…

Do I miss something importend here?


Hi Geritt

You can’t edit anything inside the folders or the project will be corrupted, for that reason the names do not change so each project keeps its unique ID .

I have no idea how your scans landing in different projects , that is impossible , it can’t happen while scanning that one scan move to another project . Never happened before . So not idea what is going on , but I suspect you removed ( canceled ) some scans while scanning and moved back to early project … no other explanation .

A Project is a session including one or more scans , profitable at max 9 per project ( session )

That is true that empty projects are left behind even if you remove it , this still need to be addressed by the

The names will not change in the project structures as I mentioned before to keep unique ID for the processing so please do not change any names inside a projects .

What you can do is change the main name of the project and import it , then click save …and the name of the main project will stay the same in RS and in a folder as well, that’s all you can change in the folder .

Recopoint is working on a new explorer to better manage the projects direct in the folders .
Right now all you have is just history and nothing else .

I don’t know what you mean by that ? What you want to handle at the same time?

What else you want ? That is the workflow
But you don’t have to remove the project , just start new project … or scan into the same project .

I hope I understand you well because it sound like all over the place , make not much sense to me about what you really looking for … or need regarding the last line .

With the other issues yes , it need fixations ASAP

Hi Cathy,
I think I found a solution. When the fusion process is done, you can rename the root folder (ie the project folder). If you did’nt fuse, and rename the Folder will result in braking the project.

As far as I can see, the mixing of scans into different project folders, happens already on the Miraco. I think this can happen if I cancel a scan on the Miraco, it will automaticly add the next scan to the last opend project. I have to check under what situations Miraco is doing this.

However, I can make several scanning projects, transfer them to the system, fuse them first, and than I can rename the project folders. I can live with this.

For my opinion the uniqe project ID is not wisely choosen and not realy readable by humans. You cant sort by date ether. Better would be something like 2024_12_24-17_35_17.
However, it is as it is.