Revoscan5 mobile software missing setting!

i have pop2 3d scanner and work with s22 ultra smartphone and revoscan v3
i update my app to revoscan v5 and i rocognize my old program have a better output with more detail than new version !!!

old software meshing have more detail in version5 ppint cloud is good but meshing smooth very much and i lose detail

how i can customize this setting in mobile app ???
any one have this problem ?
i cant find any setting to give me the best output

Hi @masoud

Sadly the meshing results have lower resolution on the latest mobile app and there are no settings to change that .

The new mobile app was created to be able to scan full projects that can be fused and meshed on computer . Version 3 only provided models and not full projects .

If you use version 5 with computer version 5 you can easy transfer your project from your phone to your computer and process it there at maximum quality .

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