[Solved] RevoStudio deprecated? Now what?

I fired up my Pop3 and did my first scan, then went to download the editing software - to find it has been deprecated.

I assume I can still use it, at least for a while, but what is the recommended tool now to convert the scan into a 3D model?

Hi @EdwinWiseOne ,

Now we combined the features of Revo Scan and Revo Studio into the Revo scan. You can edit the models directly in the Revo Scan 5.

Here is the link: Best 3D Scanning Software - Revo Scan 5

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Hi @EdwinWiseOne

you should not use the old Revo Scan 4 with POP 3 , it is outdated and it do not support POP 3 optimal .
You can still use Revo Studio but it is slow compared to the new Revo Scan 5 that have all new Tolls you need .
As Cassie mentioned , download the new RS5 from the download page , check also the Tutorial section in the forum for quick guide .
Revo Scan 5 offers also informative guide under each tool to better understand the process .

After you scan your object, you need to fuse it , after fusion you need to clean the overlapped points and lose point , cut the parts you don;t want in your scan , then after the point cloud is ready and clean you can process to mesh it and texture it .

Revo Scan 5 Best 3D Scanning Software - Revo Scan 5


Okay, so I didn’t see that you can edit in the scan software – the name is confusing and I assumed it was going to be about the same as on my phone (which doesn’t seem to have editing). Thanks for the replies.

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Thank you for the update. Just to clarify, the editing feature is currently only available on the PC version of the Revo Scan.