RevoScan5 just shows red point cloud and captures no data


So I just downloaded and updated to Mac version, tried to start a new scan but nothing is captured. The distances are correct, the exposure is correct and before I hit ‘start scan’ a clear white point cloud preview can be seen, but as soon as I hit scan it turns red and captures no data. This is in a new project.

I can’t see any information in the manual but I had assumed red meant it was point cloud data that did not line up with already captured data, or it was out of range or something else. But this is on a new scan, nothing is captured at all.

I then rolled back to 5.2.1 which had been working (although it regularly crashed) but now this also does not work in the same way.

I have closed and reopened the app, disconnected and reconnected the scanner… nothing seems to make it work.

Any ideas?

edit: So I think it may be to do with the object… although I did scan it the other day without issue it is not working today. The object is a PCB and I think the Revoscan software doesn’t like it because there are too few data points? This doesn’t make too much sense as it’s made up of lots of components that are easy to track, and if I point the scanner over the top so it picks up something behind it begins to track with no problems.

Is there any way to adjust this?

edit 2:
So it also looks like it has something to do with flat surfaces? If I have ‘hide flat surfaces’ enabled in the settings the white preview point cloud data disappears.

Hi @DYEvans please install RS 5.2.0 if you have , it works best , the latest software have some bugs that need to be fixed .

I assume this issue is with your object can you post screen shot of your object please ?

If you get issue like that you should try marker mode .


I don’t have 5.2.0 - I can see there is a forum download link for Windows but not Mac - can you make a download link for me for the Mac version of 5.2.0 please?

Sorry Dylan I have only Win version as that’s what I am using, maybe someone in the forum can provide the MAC version of 5.2.0

I did not got link to download from the team yet .

I know @penneyduck and @dfodaro uses MAC , maybe they still have the old version for share

Hopefully, thanks for tagging. I have which does not have the same issue, so I can use that for now. But would be nice to have the latest stable release.

It would be VERY nice if RP could maintain a version history for issues like this.

I will try to keep both Mac and Win now just in case .

I was sick for almost half month with COVID , so I overlooked the issues with the new software that went out before my eagle eye can spot a bug :joy:


I only have Windows versions.

Hello everyone

Not sure I still have it

I have to search on hard drives and usb pens

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Hello everyone,
Unfortunately I have not found Revo Scan 5.2 mac version

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Ok thanks Davide …