"Point cloud fusing failed"

Using RevoScan, I completed a scan and when I selected One-click Edit and then Apply the defaults, I got the message, “Point cloud fusing failed”. So my questions are quite straightforward: (1) what does this mean? (2) why did it occur?, and (3) how do I correct the problem?
In all my practices to this point were dealing with the included bust. Now I am onto my first non-bust object.

Hi Ken , please instal back Revo Scan 5.2.0 , the latest 2 versions have a bug … you may get better results overall with RS 5.2.0

I just tested it out and 5.2.1 and 5.2.2 have a bug

after installing the RS 5.2.0 reopen your current project and try again to process it .

I would recommend you use the Advance fusing option in place of the Auto One-click Edit , you will get better results and more details with less hustle and editing after , after you fuse it using Advanced mode , you can mesh it at level 6

Thanks, Catharina! Where can I download the earlier version 5.2.0 from? The only thing I can find is the download for the current version.

Hi Ken , will prepare a link for you after my lunch break .

Hi Ken @drkenb

download Revo Scan 5.2.0 until the new version is fixed

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