Aligned correctly on the coordinate axis

Hello everyone.
I would like to know, if it is possible to extract the scans aligned correctly on the coordinate axis.
The problem is that I have to do it later in an external software, investing time.
Greetings and thanks

Hhmmm… while I don’t do it, I suppose it is possible. If you were to start your scan (perfectly) horizontal, that should be your object’s initial orientation.

No, it is not like that, although I place it perfectly horizontal, when I export the scan it is rotated in all axes.
Thank you

You are right , you see the scanner need to be in perfect position what is not ideal for scanning , the position of the object after scanning is related to the first frame that was captured of the scanner position ( not the object) so if you place ideally the scanner at 90 degrees to the object your first frame will be registered at that position .But scanning at 90 degrees is not ideal.
The first frame response to the gyro in the scanner but to be honest , you will never get ideal 100% position anyway , so you still need to adjust it .