10 inch Tablet support

I just thought I would share my new Range Scanning Rig with you all.
It is a 10 inch tablet support, some LED lights, Scanner plus Battery :slight_smile:
It works quite well.
The USB connection keeps dropping out, but the WIFI works beautifully.


Looking very good @Scan2Model
Just one tip

The LED light should be both on the left side , one above the RGB camera and one below for best performance when scanning in color to avoid differences in exposure and to limit the shadows …

It will perform even better …

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Which tablet are you using?

Thank you !

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Hi, the tablet is a cheapy, but it works well.
DOOGEE Tablet 2023, T10 10.1" FHD+ Android 12 Tablets, 15GB+128GB Octa-Core Gaming Tablet, 8300mAh Battery 2.4G/5G WiFi Tablet, TĂśV Low Bluelight Tablet for Kids, Bluetooth, GPS, Split Screen

MAKE SURE that any tabley that you buy has the FULL version of Android, not “Android Go Edition”
Ialready tried one of these and RevoScan 5 wont even install.


How about a link to your mount?

Hi,I made the mount from various parts that I had laying around.


That’s actually not bad tablet for RS5 scanning at all . Considering the price , very good , if you process your files on your computer , you don’t need anything more .


Try using the scanner in client mode and the tablet in host to prevent the wifi drop outs… If the tablet is in client mode it might try to find the internet and can’t and the wifi shuts down… The scanner doesn’t look for the Internet just a connection…


Sorry I see it was your USB dropping out…lol…

Where did the tablet holder come from?

I was wondering the same thing myself and managed to find it.

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@ Scan2model

Do you have a link to the connector between the tablet, handle and Range?

I believe they are sometimes called “Cheese plates”

I bought the 10.4 version of this tablet, with 256gb of storage.

Enabled the memory expansion for an extra 7gb of ram. 8 + 7 = 15gb rebooted the tablet.

But when I open the revopoint app it shows less 5gb available??

Can anyone advise??

Did you checked the tablet usage statistics, looks like something is consuming or reserving the RAM .

It looks like what is left from the 8GB is recognized and nothing from the 7GB

My Android tablet is 8GB and I have 5GB available in RS5 .

I made it myself from a strip of aluminium.

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Your setup is exactly what I was leaning toward doing.
I just haven’t decided on which tablet to purchase. I was thinking of an 8" inch for weight but may just go for a 10" inch as there are more choices. After reading through this thread I am definitely going to go for a 10" inch now.