Revoscan Flayer (Frame Player)

Revoscan Flayer (Frame Player/Export) WIP - Proof of concept

With a given a scan cache folder Revoscan 5.10+

Currently allows to:

  • Play the frames as a video
  • Precision scroll the frames
  • Export to video
  • Export images to folder for photogrametry for example
  • Mark frames with a X

Some more capture videos


Great job V … :clap:
Looking forward to be able to convert the exported frames back to native format after proper selection like removing blurred or out of focus frames , that would be a time saver…


Adding the import feature is easy and I can implement that this week. Now deleting the marked frames is more involved and i found that not all img frames are captured so some frames have no img data

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Example of problematic frames that cause scan double exposures


That’s enough to get bad aligned frames or losing tracking or double nose .

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I know they don’t as it is not nesesery to have the same amount of RGB frames as cell frames . Most of the cell frames will be removed while processing as it is more nesesery for keeping tracking while scanning than adding data for reconstruction of the model .

From what i have been experimenting the cell frames can be all removed and still didplay its position in space as they seem to be hardcoded on the global position file

I have already figured that the dph is a depth file that has some sort of byte encoded greyscale, but I still do not know if the pointcloud colors are taken from the rgb if they are encoded on the dph file or in the inf file

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I think this would be a great option on the point clouds…

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So i figured that the dph file is some sort of BGRA / YUY2 format :slight_smile:

Or maybe not maybe t is just greyscale since theraw frames preview on Revopoint is being generated by using the color of the img files, to confirm that i just changed flipped BGR to RGB and got this

By applying filters to the raw images you can get som interesting results



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It is a depth map .

There are 2 types of RGB , one is vector based and the other separate texture mapping , The Vector RGB is captured in real time while scanning , the Texture Mapping is produced after the scanning using the RGB frames .


Released single file executable for windows users.


Great job V , thanks for sharing :+1::heart_eyes:

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Any chance the Dev Team can share the dph file specification and how to decode it?
Btw all these tools i’m publishing them as Creative Commons Zero, so anyone can use and modify, including Revopoint :wink:

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Not sure about that , Revo Scan is not an open source software after all .

Thanks … I already mentioned it this morning … to add it as a feature , I find it very helpful in my processing.

Now if you could add this option back to your executive version would be great :wink:

Convert the image from RGB to BGR

bgr_img = cv2.cvtColor(img, cv2.COLOR_RGB2BGR)

Not sure i understand… Do you mean add the option to import back (overwrite) a modified images folder into native IMG / BGR?

Thx for sharing! Just wanted to let you know that I keep getting “virus detected” warning, and therefore unfortunatelly windows will not let me run it. Do you know the cause? best greets

Yes , the converted early RGB, back to BGR /IMG

It would be very useful after editing them manually . ( Adjusting the proper white balance , tone, contrast etc ) for better textures later .

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Most likely a false positive unless i have an infection in my work pc but let me check. thanks for the heads up

I did run check online on and it says clean, still windows won´t let me keep the file even if I confirm I trust the source and want to keep it because of “virus” :frowning: I hope to find a solution and try your cool tool!

I disabled “realtime protection” of windows defender and solved my problem.