Feature request - Separate mistracked frames

Hey there,

I have a lot of experience with scanning using a Artec spider & leo. Within their software you have the ability to seperate mistracked frames into another scan file. you can then align these together to create a final mesh.

It also keeps the point clouds as separate layers so you can test and rework the alignments before final export.

If you added this functionality you would have a serious competitor to the high end scanners. Without it it can lead to large scan projects being more or less useless as revoscan will align a chunk of frames incorrectly

If anyone has any solutions I’d love to hear it :slight_smile:


I like the idea, but the user interface design would determine how useful that feature would be.

Do you have any ideas that can be expressed visually?

Hey Jeff,

I know it shouldnt be encouraged too much but the user interface for Artec would be the one I would be copying ! heh

They have a layer tab with numerous clouds in it, and the mesh once you process this.

If you double click into a scan you can see, select, delete and separate the scan frames. I spent a year or so scanning things at Weta Workshop, you can save some pretty bad scans with this processing method





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That looks to be a very useful user interface design.

It is Artec Studio 16 interface , I was reworking and fixing some POP2 scans for tests in it the other day, the last company that copied Artec software features are now in the curt , they don’t play .

The feature is great , but Revo Scan is still a baby , I wish they merge Revo Scan and Revo Studio into one software and build it from there .

yeah, I feel like with some software functionality pop would be hold their own against the artec line.

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Definitely, not to forget to mention the new upcoming Revo MINI Blue Light 3D Scanner , it just ask for me .