Revo Scan - Edit Key Frames - Cut\Paste, Export \ Import Frames?

Hello and thanks for this product.
I have alrady done a few succesfull projects with my litle Revo .
And I like that software is continiue to get better!

Now I’m stuck with some common in 3D scaning world issue … overlaps of the Key Frames… and I wish I had a option to cut out this overshooted part ( which has an imoprtant information ) and past on the new layer, and to be able to simply allign them, like in professional 3D scanners software… Is it something so hard to realize? Or may be I’m missing something?

Any tips and lifehacks will be wery appreciatble, beacuse im not able to rescan the object , and if im exporting the pountcloud without frames its pretty hard to seperate this fused layers…=(

Another great improvement will be fixed view, while scrolling the key frames
(Sometimes you might want to look at specific area while changing frames to ketch the specific element., but view gonna keep jumping to every frame is currently listing)
I think it’s nuceseraly to have a option to have a view at place which you pointed , while scrolling… Thank’s for your work!

My Best regards and have a great , succeful 3D projects! :wink:

Hi @Sirius what the software is lacking are algorithms that allow the software to run again through all frames and align them proper to the starting point of first frame to proper align misaligned frames .

It is impossible to manually align a frame because it is just virtual representation of what you have in your cache folder , unorganized frame cells .

This frame editing tool you have right now is simple frame editing tool , you can just remove partial or full unorganized frame , you can’t move it from original position as for that the software would need to be more sophisticated .

Hopefully sooner than later …it is a new software and needs time to grow…

Professional 3D scanning software are not free as developing cost money … so don’t expect everything over night here . It needs time .

It don’t jumping , it change the position of the camera angle of the frame what is actually very good indicator .
Each frame has own position in 3D space .

I know it is not easy to catch the right frame sometimes, try to make visible all of the frames even the one unselected …
It is easier to catch the bad frame

Everyone of us have own ways of doing things and own workflow .
Personally I prefer to work on fused pointcloud because the current raw editing do not always gives me the desired results . Especially editing individual frames .
Hopefully it get better soon .


The solution im looking for is to be able instead eracing of frames to export it on the new layer - like a new scan…

Currently I’ve found some long way to save all the frames I need form one scan and be able to fuse this usefull frames ilands and import it back to one project and align…

What i did - i copyed the folder with scaned data for a few times, reanamed each folder and file.revo inside by different names - areas of the scan and separatly opened every file.revo , eraced all frames except the part of the areas I need, saved project, did fuse frames to pointcloud and was able to export fused\clean from noise and overlaps perfect cloud.

After all folders are done and all segments are exported i can open one of the projects and add other clean clouds and align and fuse!
Or i can export it to any other program for more deep work.
Appologise for my language , it isn’t my native one.:wink:
Hope i was clear enough…
I want to be able to brake the scan data and export part of the frames before i delite them!!

I proposed something similar (at least that would help you do what you want): the ability to group frames together in the editor and treat them as individual pieces or components of the larger scan.

You can use the editor to identify frames and copy them out of the cache folder as well. I create a temp folder and move frames in/out of the cache folder and export the individual pieces instead of copying the entire scan multiple times.

You can’t export single raw frames unless you do what you did by removing the rest from each project and fuse them before export or use one frame per project . What is of course too much work .

I guess what we really need is a single frame shot option in Revo Scan 5 what would make the workflow easier .

Like we have right now in Miraco system.

What I actually do sometimes is removing every second frame until I end up with around 32 frames per one angle .
However using Advanced mode for fusing do just exactly that if your scan was well done and all frames are proper aligned.

We going to see if the dev.tram decide to create the single frame function in the future, as that would be the best option .

The Raw frame editor is very primitive at this moment , it was created for simple select and remove of frame(s) or edit and remove partials cells at once before fusing and nothing else .

There is lots of possibilities with this , but if the want to expand it is another question . We still missing so many important options and features in RS5 that need to be finish as well .

As I said in my last reply , single frame shot is a reply to many editing issues .
It is less resource and time consuming and you have total control over what you doing before even editing and there is no room for misaligned frames while using single shot … the best option for precise workflow .

Once RS5 is ready to be used with single shot and Miraco via computer , it gonna be excellent new feature .

I heard that not all scanner hardware can have that option and only the new one .

I’ve done something like this and it helps aLot to reduse the noize etc…
But this project is a pretty large for my RevoMini 3D Picture ~ 600x400 , i had limited time to scan I was must to capture it all… If I’d have it at home and time for it i’d do it this way for sure! It’s working great!! : Play, Pause, Play, Pause, Play , Pause…and so on… =D Great techniuqe !! Realy did unpossible accurate scan! But this time i couldn’t… 1h Shooting and two days seating on postp…

… Where have you been before )) That’s sounds much faster!! =D

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Single shot option is the fastest option but sadly only Miraco system allows that .
It produces nice clean fast results , you can also save single frame shots … it have everything you actually do manually right now .

Scanning and pausing is not exactly the workflow Single shot offers … it is more sophisticated than that …no room for error , as simple as taking pictures but each frame is aligned with the best precision .

So in place of sitting and processing you just get your results straight away …