Feeding captured frames into other programs?

Is there any way to feed the RGB+D frames into another program, like MeshRoom? (Preferably with the position data attached!)

Hi @ravenworks , sorry but that is not possible , the only feed the scanner give you outside RS environment is just RGB camera and 2x Depth camera , but not what the hardware actually produces while scanning , the realtime project data can be only stored and read by Revo Scan 5 at this moment .

The RS5 capturing features exclusively relaying on the hardware and vice verse .

But I already know that you can see all the RGB frames in the “cache” folder, by renaming the .img files (although their color is strange, as though channels are swapped?) And I assume that the nearby .dph files are the depth data? I would just like advice on how to feed these into MeshRoom or some other program.

hi! check here, maybe somehow useful for you.

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Ah ok, I was thinking you talk about direct scanning into other programs .

I don’t know if other programs support the formats .you will have to search other programs .

you can use my Revoscan Frame Player to export the RGB with correct colors to JPG that you can then feed to the photogrametry software.

The dph are not usefull since we do not have access to the depth camera intrinsics but on the helper folder you have a demo tool that can inspect depth in non corrected pseudo3d