Revoscan doesnt resize to my desktop

Hi all,
I have a MSI Creator Z17 HX Studio 64Gb Laptop, Revoscan runs fine, but the first project screen doesnt “Fit” onto my screen, I cant see the left hand side of the Project Screen user interface.
It works fine once I have opened a project.
Anyone else have this bug ?

Hi Mike , maybe because of your Laptop resolution , can you try to change it to 1080 and see if works ok , then you at least know it is the resolution .

That is only explanation what is going on ( not resizing proper )

Let me know

Hi Cath,
I have worked it out…
The laptop has a “Golden Ratio” 17" QHD+ (2560x1600) display,
…not a 16:9 ratio, so it is a bit squarer.
The software itself runs extremely well so it isnt too much of a drama.

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Yes but the software tab should resize anyway and not cut in half no matter the resolution . Hopefully it improve in the future , added to bug list !

Thank you for letting me know