RevoScan and RevoStudio not fullscreen

Can we please have RevoScan and RevoStudio remeber if the last time they were closed they were in full screen mode or windowed mode, and open in the last remmebered mode?
Right now they both always open in fullscreen mode, which is a little annoying.

Also RevoScan import project dialog - please remember the last used directory. Every time I import a project I have to go through the entire folder tree - just open the dialog in the last selected folder :slight_smile:

Also, while talking about importing projects - how about being able to drag and drop the project file onto the model list - this would allow to import multiple projects at once - ideal for batch processing :slight_smile:

Hi @kaczorefx ,

I think your suggestions are all excellent. I have added to the suggestion form and will discuss it with the developer team at our next meeting tomorrow.

Best Regards

I recently updated the RevoScan software to its newest update.
However, it is now not possible to put it into Fullscreen.
Was this intentional?

Maximilian Scholz

This has been noted by others and fed back to the dev team. I believe it to be a bug.

Is there an ETA on when something like this is resolved?

I would imagine it will be in the next release, although Revopoint are on holiday for the next week so I doubt anything is going to happen before they are back.