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Hello everyone. I am new in the scanning world and recently started scanning with my revopoint pop 2 using the revoscan app on my iphone 12. I started with small objects but when I wanted to scan a full body´s person I ran into the problem that there comes a time when the revo scan tells me in a message that “the scan has been completed” and when I want to continue with the scan it tells me that 4980 frames were recorded and that I can no longer make more frames. I don’t know if it’s because I’m using High quality in the scanner settings or if it’s because of my phone. When I have used revo scan on my computer I have been able to scan more than 4980 frames, but not using it on my phone.

I am using wifi to connect with the revopoint too.

Does anyone would know what is the reason why I can only scan 4980 frames using the revo scan in my phone and what can I do to get more?

Thank you!

The more RAM your phone has the more frame you can record at a overcome this is quite simple. stop the scan and FUSE it BEFORE you continue scanning. Then you will be able to rweord another 4980 frames. you can repeat this over and over.

@ivan this option is not more available with the latest version of Revo Scan , fusing will not free any frames since the data is saved into the phone as full project .
You can’t just fuse , you need to finish the whole processing .

The limit is final , even if I use all my frames my phone still have 3GB left … as that is needed for processing .

@JerzoCamed you should use less frames when scanning full human body , not need more than maximum 4K , usually around 2K for full body .
Plan well your sections and use turntable for best performance .


sorry for my disinformation and thanks for your correction! so merging of scans is the only way to go then.

I am not sure if you allready answered,but will that option of freeing RAM be available again anytime. Or you don’t see any practical use in it?

Yes that is the second time you shared the old software tip that do not apply to RS5 app on a phones , the tip was good for RS4 app on a phone when we don’t have projects saved .
Some projects take even to 2.5GB in size because of the amount of frames and pictures you produce , that is sometimes 8K of image data with 4K frames … 4K color images … you really don’t need that

There is no option to free out RAM , your project will be always the size the way you reach your limits … fusing change nothing , the project still need to be open and will take the right amount of RAM regardless what you do.

So there is no way to do that .
Who want to fuse on a phone anyway ? The quality is so low .

You can scan multiple fragments of a big scan and merge it later on computer , but humans can’t be scanned partially as human body is moving constantly so very difficult .

4K of frames is enough to scan over 4 m object , I can scan full human body with 2K easy .

Over scanning will not make it better …

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Thank you for your answer!
What would be a recommendation to use less frames to scan a human body?
I believe that sometimes I scan the same part twice and that could get me more frames and also a thicker layer at the process of fusing it.
And about the phone’s RAM, is it possible that by getting a phone with more RAM, let’s say one that has 18 GB of RAM, would that be enough to scan a good amount of frames or the best thing that I could do would be using a computer to do the scan?
I ask it because sometimes it can be a little bit annoying to carry the computer while I’m scanning
Thanks again!

Hi @JerzoCamed

Learn how to conserve your frames , you really don’t need almost 5K of frames to scan a full body .
I don’t even do that on computer while scanning .

Half of that will be removed while processing or even more , so really waste of resources .

If you get more RAM you will be able to get more frames , but I hope you are processing your projects on your computer as it will take a lot of time to process .

Best use your phone to scan full body with around 2500 frames max, then import the project for processing to your computer when you are back .
The best way to get the maximum from that .

Try to not overscan the same section over and over again , you should set 5 section for POP2 , scan around the head, move to the torso , scan chest, move down scan lower torso , then move to the legs . Each section should be around 350 frames so even if you make 10 sections you still have frames over …

Check my video scanning full body on turntable in 2 minutes .

Just for references … no matter on computer or phone , same thing …

The best thing would be if you focus on frames and use less, it will give you better mesh after , less cleaning and better accuracy , in this case less is more .
Don’t waste money on expensive device , if I can scan full body with 6GB phone , then you can too with double of what you have right now .
Just make a good section plan and practice .


I really appreciate your answer!
I will apply the tips that you give me so I can scan it using less frames and not over scanning the same places, thank you a lot!

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Damn, you are right! bloody insomnia keeps messing with my mind - I shouldn´t have given advices so late, sorry. :speak_no_evil:


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That’s ok Ivan, don’t worry :relieved:
I am glad you helping others out … there are lots of tricks and tips that no more apply to the new versions and sometimes I need to think twice as well as I got used to the old apps too much as well …

Now just reset, empty the cup and fill it with a new tea … :joy:


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I love that quote! :nerd_face: and for sure I will enjoy another cup of fresh tea :smile:

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