Better to POP2 scan with an iPhone or Desktop?

Having an iPhone 13 Pro, I’d like to know if the scanning/merging algorithms on mobile and desktop versions of Revoscan are the exact same.

I better explain: if I do a scan with my iPhone, I could get the SAME quality results that I would get on a desktop/laptop Mac or PC?

ive done some very limited scans with android and windows 10. what i found was the phone seemed to loose track less and was smoother. this seems very counter intuitive. one limit i the mobile app had when i used it was it can only scan till the phones memory is full.

The quality setting is lower on a phone to work with the memory limitations.

I suppose you could make them exactly the same if you lowered the quality setting for Revo Scan running on your desktop.

No you don’t , the pitch point setting is lower and meshing even more lower than traditionally on your computer for an obvious reason, phones are not yet fast enough and the processing time would be enormous.
And as Jeff already stated , memory limitations also plays here a huge role.

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