Revopoint MINI - RGB version - first tests also with colour texture

Hi everyone! I’m completely baffled by the magnificient textures you folks could get with the MINI. Can you please explain whether you used specific presets? As I explained in this post, I really have some bad results on my end :cry:

Thank you for your advice :slight_smile:

@Popi they are not as good as from POP2 and that’s the fact , it is difficult to get good colors because blue laser is sensitive to bright light .
The only light that can helps here is LED warm light , the one sold by Revopoint but also available on Amazon .
I am going today to print a special case for the lights to give the shadowless appearance on the objects as I did for POP2 .
Regarding pixelations and triangles , it depends of how big the model is, smaller polygons model tends to have bigger triangles and bigger models smaller .

The best result is to convert the RBG color per vertex data to textures and create new UVs . You will get more uniform textures and no triangles .

In the begining before the MINI release the program did very beautiful sharp textures with MINI but the alignment was wrong , and after alignment was fixed the quality went down a bit .
But I am sure if you work a little bit more on the lighting, your results will be better as that is the major key after all , but it is tricky , I use my Revo LEDs on lowest light settings and do not affect that match the scanning . Keeping the light 10cm to 20cm away from the object . Behind the MINI , one on top RGB camera and one below it as that is the point from where the textures are captured .

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Hi PUTV, thank you for your recommendations, I’ll give all of that a try. At the end of your paragraph you’re suggesting that I should use two LED lights then ? One on top of the scanner and one below? Just to be sure.

Let’s hope they will find a way to make both beautiful textures and right alignment in the long run :slight_smile:

Yes that is correct @Popi the way you see here in the photo , I working on the attachment for MINI
The LED need to be set on lowest light brightness so it don’t overpowering the blue light laser , and warm tone light .
One light on top and then be below to avoid shadows

It will give you 100% better results


Oh I see !! Thank you very much ! Are these attachments sold by Revopoint as well?
And what is the little dark remote-looking thing on the right part of the image?

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No it is printed , the remote control is for my older Dual Axis turntable to control the rotations and tilts .
I am using now the Revopoint DATT with Android app on my phone to control it .

OK I see! But I don’t understand how your Ulanzi lights are attached to the scanner, what do you mean by “it is printed”? Sorry

The attachment for the LED light is printed out with 3D printer .


OH !! OK I see. I have this kind of light at home, two of them, do you think it is similar?

Which Ulanzi light are those? There are so many different versions on AliExpress… I would like to built a similar setup with two, and a 3D printed mount, looks great :slight_smile:

That are the same one sold also by Revopoint in their store .

ULANZI VL49 2000mAh LED Video Light w 3 Cold Shoe, Rechargeable Soft Light Panel, Portable Photography Lighting for DJI OSMO Sony DSLR Canon Camera GoPro Vlogging

If the light have a warm tone then sure, you can use it , you can put it behind your scanner since it looks like big version .
On the left side .

OK I’ll give a try tomorrow! Yes the lamp has three colors, white, yellow and orange.


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Would this one also be good?

Ulanzi VL81

It has 3200K and 5600K LEDs, would the 3200K maybe be better for the MINI since it’s warmer so less disturbing the MINI blue light? Or 5600K already safe?

It will works , and you can adjust it to your liking. Also you will need to use it on the lowest power settings , warmer tones will affect the gain less so you can adjust the perfect light tone and power with this one to get the perfect balance .
There is no one setting for all , gray surfaces reflecting different than white surfaces . So try to set the light tone using a white object , and later you can just adjust the light power for darker objects .

@PopUpTheVolume “The attachment for the LED light is printed out with 3D printer”

Could you be so kind as to share your 3D print design for that double Ulanzi mount? I just got two of those lights and would really appreciate your mount!

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The one I made was altered base version from someone else , so can’t share it .
But if you can wait until tomorrow, I can make my own new version for MINI and POP2 ?

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That would be great! Or I could also make it myself, if you share a picture of how it was done roughly :slight_smile: I wouldn’t want to re-invent the wheel

No problem I want to make the supporting case better anyway so it don’t block the heat escaping from the aluminium and better bottom .

I am not home right now to send you a clear picture , but the cold shoe get above the RGB cam and below it with a very tiny slightly tilt to right as goes the lens of the RGB cam .
Also think about the lower part so it don’t affect the tripod when you attach light to it , MINI have a very small space between

For me not big deal , if I am early tonight home I will make it tonight .

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I bought one of these led spotlights and with amazement I noticed that the cold shoe brackets are not the same size as the one on the Revopoint, both the scanner and the tripod.
Do you know if Revopoint uses a proprietary bracket?

We are all looking forward to your spotlight mount 3D object :grin:



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