Revopoint Mini - Can U Scan a Face or a Head?

Hello, My name is Mathias, and I have a revopoint POP, I want to buy the Mini, I want to know if the mini scan has the posibility to scan a face with the open eyes, the scanner with the blue light can burn the retina or cause some permanent damage to the eye, does this bring any warning?


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Hi Mathias,
It’s safe to use MINI.
The reason why we don’t recommend using it to scan human faces is that blue light flickering can be uncomfortable for the eyes. If you want to scan, it is recommended to scan with your eyes closed. For your concerns above, POP2 would fit you better.


I was wandering the same thing from some time ago, thank you Selina for clarifying, so if you can endure it to scan with eyes open then there is no harm afterwards.
Thanks allot, I’m glad to have backed the MINI. It will be great for me. Can’t wait to get it :wink::partying_face:

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You’re welcome. Don’t forget to share your works here! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: