Revo Scan and Mini v Pop 2

Been away from scanning with my Pop 2 for a while due to work, etc but have a bit more time on my hands now to get back to it.
I also finally bit the bullet and just ordered a Mini which I’m looking forward to trying.

So my question, is there any difference to using Revo Scan with the Mini compared to the Pop 2 or does it work in the same way ?

It’s pretty much identical. If you have the dual-axis turntable it adds more things to mess with but the actual process of scanning is the same.

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You have to avoid objects in specific colors when using MINI , intensive colors like dark green, yellow, red or orange may give you some troubles .
The reason ? It absorb blue light and the projector pattern .
Sometimes setting the gain on a higher value will help to capture it better , but the best solution for that is to use 3D spray if you dealing with multiple color surfaces that gives you troubles while capturing .

Keep the distance at 10cm to 20 cm from the scanner for best results , how closer you get how better the accuracy .

And avoid cold toned LEDs with MINI , warmer tones works best and on lower intensity .

Also MINI scanning window is much smaller as it was made for scanning objects on the smaller size .

That are the differences between MINI and POP2 .


Thanks guys. :+1:
Counting the days down to delivery. :smile:

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So I ordered my Mini on the Revopoint website at the weekend and it arrived today. Wow ! :open_mouth:
I guess they must have stock in the UK now, it was delivered by an Amazon courier.

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Congrats ! You are lucky other way it would be stuck in China due to the national 7 days holidays and they take their time off seriously.
Probably they sent it to you from Amazon UK for the same reason.

Sadly one of my package is still stuck in China because of the holidays delays.

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Will need to get one of these printed at the weekend …