Revopoint MINI issue


Few weeks ago, i have created topic to decide which scanner to buy. I decided MINI and bought one. I made tests when my package arrives, it was okay ı think and i repacked my scanner to wait shipping of my pc’s upgrade parts.

Yesterday on Dec 8, i complete the setup of my laptop. i installed new version of RevoScan and today i made test scan again, scanning was not good. Even with simplest feature rich object(Fist like hand), it gave lost track.

Coincidentally, i controlled the lenses if they have any dust, fingerprint etc. and i realized this. Is it normal ? I could not find out if problem is related this or just software. Need help.
Best regards.

Hi @3Dlives if you want to scan medium size objects you should go with INSPIRE or POP3 . MINI id created to scan very mini objects from what the name , the objects need to be proper prepared because MINI uses a Blue Light laser , so unprepared color objects may not always scan correctly as some colors absorb blue light .

You need also keep the proper distance .
I don’t even use MINI to scan a face , due to the very small FOV size it needs really tones of features very close to each other and hand is not that .

First of all check the included little bust and see if it works correct , pay to the distance what is 100mm ( 10cm) for the best accuracy … make sure you use tripod , or if handheld avoid any shaking and sudden movements.

Avoid bright lighting like Window light or bright LEDs light with blue tones .
Avoid sunlight … MINI needs controlled light environment while scanning . Avoid colors like yellow, red, orange, brown , green or any object colors that absorb blue color .

I use MINI mostly for prepared objects with 3D spray like coins , miniatures, jewelry, dental work or prosthetics , or anything that usually fits exactly in the camera preview or fits almost .

Structured light scanners needs lots of features, how higher the scanner accuracy , how smaller the FOV will be and the features needs to be closer to each other .

If the object do not have any features, you need to switch to marker mode and use markers as feature .

And most important before you start scan ing anything , set the Depth camera exposure to Auto , make sure you see the preview cleary in the middle of the screen and the distance is Excellent or Good before you press scan button .

I would recommend you practice first on small mini objects before you attempt anything else to better get grip of the device and it’s possibilities.

If you have any technical issues with the process let me know .

I exactly agree. But what about strange scene in lenses. I mean the pattern around the lens seen in pic. İs it normal?

It is just a blue filter , it is an RGB camera not affecting 3D scanning , it is to capture color only .