Has anyone successfully scanned a head (human) with the mini?

basically what the topic said. I tried to get my wife to scan my head with the mini, and it was a total bust (pun!). my head is shaved, but not shiny, we even tried adding the target / marker dots, but it just was not working. the “excellent” range is like 4-5" off the head, and just doesn’t seem to cover enough to be able to scan very well?

anyway, just wondering if anyone’s successfully scanned a head with the mini, and if so, what you did to get it to work.

I have not, at least with a real human head. I did get nearly perfect results on a face-shaped sculpture, but it was not in the shape of a head (just the forward-most 1.5 inches with a flat back).

Face scan yes but not the back of the head , the distance and FOV is too small to keep tracking .

You can do it in Marker mode if your head is bald , but you will need a lot of markers including your forehead , top, sides and back .

Also small movement while scanning and you lose it , not easy task but not impossible .