Not for Faces, why?

Cause the laser might harm the eyes or why?

The laser can’t harm your eyes in a short time of exposure , it can create discomfort because of the blinking, some people suffer also from epilepsy.

It is 1st class laser , it is as harmful as walking outdoors on a sunny day without sun glasses .


Not because of the laser (they’re all Class 1, which is safe for mammalian eyes, but which also explains why we can’t scan walls from across the room or entire cars at a time).

The POP & POP 2 scanners are well-suited for scanning faces (there’s even a Face mode), but the blue-light laser used in the Mini does not interact well with human skin, so the sensors will not pick up much of anything useful.


We can’t scans walls because the depth sensor cameras horizontal distance is too short, to be able to scan greater area you will need to set them apart at a great distance, some scanners have this option as well . For the same reason MINI is shorter than POPs .

Why you say that ? I scanned finger prints and is great for scanning faces picking up all the great details .
You need prepare a skin for scanning no matter what scanner you are using .

And don’t forget about proper gain setting.

Even on kickstarter in the samples section is a scan of a hand. So this can´t be the reason.

You will only get trouble scanning if the skin has middle brown or dark brown skin tone as it will absorb the blue light .
For scanning skin in general you need higher gain settings .

Or you can scan any skin type if you use powder or simple lighter makeup.
I am using water based airbrush makeup to capture the finest details of the skin without any issues , same for dark hair .


We cannot use the Revopoint scanners to scan walls from across the room or cars all at once for more than one reason, but the most important is the limited power of the emitters. Yes, the separation of the sensors is also a factor in scanning larger objects (at least, accurately), but I was specifically addressing the original concern about eye safety.

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This has not been a concern with the POP series of scanners (although I admit that my experience is limited to the range of olive skin through to pasty white, so not the full gamut).

It is , and there is a reason for , I would definitely not use MINI for scanning people in color as textures are not usable in any of my workflows or even needed , but hey, I don’t do a pretty pictures with it, I do 3D models after all and that works just fine what was also my point .

You still needs lots of powder with POP series anyway if you scanning dark or facial hair and you have to go through exactly the same process as with MINI if you want excellent results at higher quality .