Revopoint Mini Calibration

Into the package there is a calibration board for the Mini, but no more link to download the program. Will it be available ?

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It will be available for sure. Just give them (revopoint) some time.

A new version compatible with the Mini and that version of the calibration board is in development.

They have not yet given an ETA for it.

Ok, it was just a question, my Mini dont need calibration, it give me exquisite results !

That version of the Calibration program only works with the POP 2. It was removed because too many people were trying to use it with the Mini and Revopoint is concerned it could brick the units.

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Well that explains why trying to calibrate mine with the mini, causes the calibration app to crash :slight_smile: Hopefully a compatible one is released soon.

MINI calibration board is different that the one used with the old calibration software . Actually there are 2 of them , one for MINi beta and one for final version of MINi , the new software is on the way as I was being testing it for a while now with very good results .

Usually you don’t have to calibrate your device if the test results don’t tell you to do so . So once you get it , make first 3 tests and the best scores will be your actual calibration value .

Calibration MINI,

Dear Revopoint Team,

could you kindly give me the status of the calibration for my MINI?
The current system does not scan anything correctly, as I already wrote. A calibration is needed same as the PO2.
Thank you, kind regards,

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Hello Revopoint,
may I kindly ask the status for the calobration MINI - as I wrote, I can not use my MINI .
Kind regards

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Hi @Titus it was released already , you can find it in the Starter Point section of the forum and calibrate your MINI

Where? I can’t find that anywhere in the starter point section. Can you post a direct link?


It works with both the POP 2 & Mini.

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Would you mind sending us a video showing the problem? We will do our best to help.


I have 3 MINIs and 2 POP2s and could use latest calibration issues without any problems. So if you have an issue, it doesn’t neccessery need to be like that for all other users. I hope Revopoint Team can help you out. Reach for them!



Hi Geige,
Thanks for the reply. I will check it now and get back to you soon.


Hi Geige,
Please your scanner parallel with the table. If the parallelism is OK, the horizontal dotted line in the middle will overlap and turn green. Please watch the instruction video for more details.

We can provide an instruction meeting if you need it.

Ok I managed to calibrate. I did not follow the instructions correctly.

My apologies, the software works correctly.

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