Calibration app download missing

Calibration software app download is not showing up on the download page. I dropped the camera and would like to run the test for accuracy. I assume the accuracy test is on the calibration app. Has the download been pulled for more work on it?

The Calibration app has been pulled because it cannot work with the Mini, only the POP 2.

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What do you need it for? mini or pop2?

That is NOT true , Calibration software works with POP2 and MINI and I calibrate them many times already since September . You talking about an old software from March 2022, but there was beta release in September that obviously you missed .

Hi @cecild

Here is the Calibration App last beta version to download
It is not official version that why it is not under Download Center, in the future look under Starting Point/Download section for latest Apps and Beta apps

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Thanks big bunches!!Got it downloaded.

You more than welcome :grin: