Revopoint inspire with revopoint stabilizer

Hi everyone.
Managed to connect revopoint inspire to the revopoint stabilizer (micro-b connector).
Found an mibro-b to usb-c adaptor and ordered it a while a go.
At the same time i ordered hotshoe mount since inspire doesn’t come with one (this need a bit of modifiying to fit).
Scanner gets powered through built in battery in the stabilizer.
Connected to phone revo app via wifi.
Did a quick test scan and it works beautifuly (run out of memory and battery).
Here’s a picture of the monster:

Excited to work with this combo as it should help keep the scanner steady and portable.

Dare to share the link where you found it ? I was searching for so long where the only available was discounted in production .

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Here’s the link where i got it from:
Not the best looking adaptor but i’m pretty sure it was the only one i found on the whole planet.

Just found this amazing item on AliExpress. Check it out!
€6.32 5%OFF | High Speed USB-C USB 3.0 2.0 B Micro Mini USB Type-C male female to Micro B 3.0 female Mobile Hard Drive Data Cable


Ah OK that is MICRO B female to USB C male cable ,I wish the cable was shorter as it gives some weight after all especially when you use Range series with the stabilizer , I actually found a Micro B female to micro adapter , then used second adapter and it works as well .

I guess the cable you found is only one in the world , as I searched also everywhere for months .

BTW the link was going to another cable so it should be number 5 Micro B female to USB C male

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Hi. I wish too but i didn’t find anything anywhere.
There is a micro-B male to usb-C female adapter and it’s about 2cm long. But there’s no micro-B female to usb-C male yet.
This cable is a bit heavy and stiff but it works. Inspire is a light scanner. I really don’t want to chop original cable and swap it with usb-C cable, then use adapter for mini…

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Here’s a quick test from today.
No markers. No spray. Just dusty/dirty car.
Single scans.
All done on the phone. Also post-processed on the phone.

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They have micro B male to USB C female just not the way around , so even if you replaced the old one , you still can use it with old scanners as @Rilot did in his tutorial . How to convert the Mk1 stabiliser for use with the Pop3 (and still use the Pop2, Mini, Range etc)

I found only one adapter we need , but it is out of production .

Anyway here was my another adapter solution .

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