Handheld Stabilizer and Inspire... is it posible?

I bought the handheld stabilizer device and have an Inspire scanner. The stabilizer has a USB micro-B connection and I’m waiting to receive a micro-B to USB-C cable, but until then… has anyone tested and know if the stabilizer works or not with that scanner? Or have I rushed the purchase?

Hi @Manelto you will have to buy MicroB female to USB C male and those are not available neither adapters , even having a cable will weight on the stabilizer, you don’t want that

You have 2 options :
Use adapter that is available :

Change the extension to USB C

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Thank you for answering so quickly.
The issue is not so much the physical connection between the scanner and the handheld gimbal, but rather the software. That’s why I was wondering if anyone had used the Inspire scanner with the gimbal.
For the physical connection I got a micro-B female to USBC male cable. It doesn’t convince me since it is long (50cm) and adds discomfort to the connection. Therefore, if the devices end up working correctly, I will follow @Rilot’s tutorial to make the direct connector.
Thanks again!

The Stabilizer connecting to the Software regardless what scanner you are using so it is independent. It worked fine with all the new scanners .

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Thanks you!

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To echo what PUTV said, the modified version works just fine. I use it regularly because my hands shake.

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Okay. I have finally been able to finish the work. I used the USB conversion as Rilot explained and I had to create a hot shoe connector to be able to mount the scanner on top of the stabilizer.
I made this last design thinking about being able to continue using the front cover designed by Jason Walker at printables.com (Printables).


Great work @Manelto , looking good !