Revopoint Inspire disconnects on android

I have had my Revopoint Inspire for a little bit now and ever since i got it a few weeks back it disconnects from the mobile device and makes me confirm and reconnect to the Revopoint inspire device. Am I doing something wrong im connected to the revo inspire Wifi but for some reason when I go back to it in my wifi settings its not listed as my Wifi I have a Samsung galaxy s23 ultra+ it stays connected to the wifi then makes me reconnect during scans and is not possible to fully move the 3d scanner around without it disconnecting?

It reconnected because you did not give permission on your phone to keep WiFi Internet connection “without Internet” so once it detect there is not Internet it automatic disconnect and looking for better Internet connection , change the settings on your phone , nothing to do with Inspire or the app .

I cant figure out where to go for this setting im under settings/wifi/advanced on my samsung galaxy s23 ultra and dont see anywhere to give permission to keep wifi internet connection without internet.I am using usb c to usb c to connect my phone to my 3d scanner is that a problem?Even when im not connected to any other networks except for mobile data it disconnects me when im only connected to revopoint inspire wifi address

Hi @Artificialized

Sorry don’t know on your phone , on Android 12 you get notification the .moment you connect to the INSPIRE wifi , then you select OK and the connection stays On without shutting down .

You can’t use USB C cable connected to your phone when you use WiFI , you need to power INSPIRE separately with a power bank and use only the split cable or one USB C cable connected only to power bank .
Even if you use USB C cable for scanning you still need separate power supply , your phone can’t power INSPIRE and provide data at the same time via one USB C cable .

Thankyou so much that makes perfect sense and explains why it wouldnt work

Let me know after you tried if it working .

BTW if you still have issue staying connect to WiFI without Internet try that :

Settings > Network & Internet > Wifi. At the bottom of the list of wifi networks there should be an option titled "WiFi preferences; tap on it. On the next screen, there should be an option at the very bottom titled “Advanced”; tap on it. That should reveal the setting “Switch to mobile data automatically”. If it’s toggled on, toggle it off.

This will prevent the phone to switch to mobile data if your WiFi don’t have Internet ( INSPIRE)