Unselecting tool Missing... ☹ There is a workaround!

Since a few weeks back I strouggle to find how to use a unselect tool in Revoscan 5 to not avail, until I asked @PopUpTheVolume how to use it. And there she replied, there is no such tool in revoscan at the moment, but she gave me a workaround for this, The “Invert Selection” tool !!! After I got this tip my whole mind got brighter, what a great ideea.
So if you had the same troubles as me just go throw those steps:

  1. select the part you want to remove even if you select the good parts as well
  2. invert selection
  3. select the parts you want to keep
  4. invert selection and that is all
  5. now you can select parts in hard to reach places.
    PS. A request to the devs: Please :pray: put a unselect obtion in the future updates, something like while presing “Spacebar” or something while selecting will unselect the parts selected. Pleaseee! And can we get lower “Isolation rate” than 1%? for big models like a human to preserv the hair detail is hard and i have to not use it because it erases parts I need, or you could let us unselect parts after it identifies them
    @dev @Revopoint-Cassie @Revopoint-Agnes @Revopoint-Luca @Revopoint-Jane


Revopoint has great open minded team and they will consider to bring a future update for this.

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Hi @MedievalKing ,

We will report this to our product team, thank you.

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