Revo Scan 5.4.7 not detecting Mini 2

I’ve downloaded Revo Scan 5.4.7 on my MacBook Pro with a M1 chip and even updated my Macbook to the latest software but Revo Scan is having trouble detecting the Mini 2:

Has anyone who’s experienced the same issue found a solution to this?

Hi @msruenalee sorry I am only Windows user .
But try to use the mobile split cable instead , the USB C is fot data and USB A is fir power only .

My windows PC don’t want to work on a single cable provided with Mini 2 either , I purchased actually thunderbolt 8K USB C cable to use my scanners with a single cable and all works well .

You can also see if your can connect via WiFi to make sure the device works proper .
Connections via WiFi and USB are at the same speed so you don’t lose anything .

Hi @msruenalee

You can follow these steps to troubleshoot the connection failure. If everything is fine and it still doesn’t work, you can contact our customer service at or update us here.