Revo Scan 5.4.1 opening files to merge

Help… I used RevoScan 5.4.1 with my range to scan a roll bar cage on a vehicle. I did it in multiple takes getting good detail.
I cannot figure out how to merge. I hit merge but it never gives me the option to open the multiple files. I can only see 1 file at a time…

  • what file format am i to be working in?
    • point cloud? raw, fused, mesh?
      The instructions do not allow or show me how to see the multiple projects and merge them

thank you

Hi @GlenF

To merge your multiple scans , you have to clean them , fuse them into organized pointcloud , all of them that you want to use , only after that you will be able to merge them …

Make sure you only keep the actual parts you want to merge and remove anything from the pointcloud you don’t want .

You can use after that feature mode if you objects have lots of features , or a markers mode to add your markers .

You can also check the Tutorial section in the forum and find some tutorials of your interest .