Range 2 + Mini 2 or Pop 3 scan merge in Revo Scan

I don’t have Revopoint product yet and have not found examples of it being done.

Can scans from two different scanners be merged together in Revo Scan?

Scenario is using the Range2 for the large area and using one of the smaller scanners to to into small areas within the large area that Range 2 can’t fit into or be close to.

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I don’t know if it’s possible in RevoScan, but you can do it with CloudCompare (free).The question is how good it turns out when you mix two different resolutions.

Another option would be to finish both scans separately and then cut out the worse mesh where you want finer details and replace it with the better mesh.

I suspect the further along the process chain the merge happens, the lower the quality of the result.

Thank you for the CloudCompare suggestion.

I’d still like to know if Revopoint support it in Revoscan?

You can merge them, they are just point clouds at that point. You probably want to use Cloud Compare though, since it’s much more difficult to align edited scans in Revoscan. You can’t register the alignment, edit the files to keep the low res version from messing up the high res portions, then complete the merge because “Generate Model” always re-aligns. I mean you can, but most of the time it changes the registration or just complains about the overlap being too small.

What you can’t do is fuse them.

I suspect the groundwork is there for fusing them, because you can combine near and far modes in the same scan session in the Miraco. There are two “param” folders in the project, one for each mode, and it has no problem mixing them together.

Here is what it looked like if I tried to trick Revoscan by putting the raw files from the Mini2 into the Range2 scan folder. The entirety of the Range2 scan is circled in red below. :smiley:

Hi @jsa

Yes, you can scan and merge them with two different scanners.

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Thank you both for the examples.