Revo Mini cameras recognised by win10 but not by scan soft

My mini is recognized by windows as 2 cameras but the scan software ask me to there no device connected. The unit work fine on my android phone when plug in to the same usb (power) port, led is green.

Hi Nibblet, please check if the indicator light behind the scanner is solid green after the light changes.
If the light turns green normally, please go to the PC’s Settings- System and Security- Windows Defender Firewall- Allowed apps, and Revo Scan is allowed to access;

go to PC’s Settings- Privacy & security- Cameras- Let desktop apps access your cameras- On, and Revo Scan is listed;

After confirm all those 2 settings above, please try the solutions below.


Step 1: try other USB ports on your PC and see if you could get the scanner connected in Revo Scan;

Step 2: if step 1 doesn’t help, reboot both the Revo Scan and the scanner several times and wait for the scanner to display in Revo Scan.

If Step 2 doesn’t help either, please contact to book a Zoom Call, and we will solve the problem for you online.