Resolution: PC vs. Android Tablet


I’m trying to evaluate scanning with a PC versus scanning with the Android version.
So far the Android App seems to allow faster scanning, and doesn’t loose track as often as the PC version, but that could be due to that the PC I’m using is not the mightiest when it comes to processor power.
What concerns me, though, is that the resolution is much worse with the Android App compared to the PC version, meaning that there are far less details in the final scan. See some examples below, to the left is the scan done with a PC, to the right the same object scanned with the Android App. It seems to me as if the Android App is somehow “optimizing” the number of points even while the scan is still in progress, which shows in the form that scanned surfaces, which appeared solid before, suddenly resolve into a rather thin cloud of points.

For me, this is a major down for the Android App. So my questions are:

  • Why is that so?
  • Is there a way to improve the resolution in the Android App?

(Traditional clay jar from my country: “Bartmannkrug” = “Bearded-Man-Jar”)

(Head of a ceramic statue)

(Carved knotwork, wood)


Well, I see some people have “liked” my post, but is there anyone who can answer those questions of mine? @Revopoint or @Revopoint-Cassie?

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I think due to limiter resource for android into telephone they must keep the cloud under a certain of amount, so they limitate the resolution for beyng able to manage the scan.

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