Recommendation for Lightbox?

Dear scanning friends,
sometimes I read that scanning with a black background produces best results. On the other Hand, for good colors and texture you should have good and stable light conditions. So putting the turntable in a lightbox seems to make sense.
As I understood, many lightboxes have black background sheets, but white sinde walls - would this be a problem? Can anyone recommend a certain lightbox he/she works with an that is available on amazon? Which other aspects to regard buying one?
Thanks a lot,

Hi Daniel ,

To get it simple, all you need is 2 LED one above the RGB and one below to capture the right color .
I use Lightbox but I stopped since I got better results with just 2 LED on the left side of the scanner only .
It was so good that even Revopoint added the LED to POP 3 new scanner and it works excellent.

You don’t need background either as you can adjust the scanning range and eliminate the background from being scanned .


For the light box’s back fabric, I recommend finding a fabric that does not scan at all. I took my scanner to the fabric store and found a black felt material that was completely matte to the infrared light of the scanner, so it did not scan at all.

Thanks, so i will give a try my wifes ringlight first of all. In genereal , for my purpose the light should come from top left. This is how i want the texture

The light should be top and bottom, if you use Ring , put the ring behind the scanner on the left makings sure it lit top and bottom or you get bad shadows, the RGB camera is second in the left