Complete Novice using a Minie help needed

I am struggling to get a decent scan using the mini and the new dual axis turntable, 1st thing is it advisable to use a light box, also when i start a scan there is a delay turntable does not start strait away I think the frames are up to 60 before it starts rotating is this a problem would I be better off with the turntable in manual mode perpetually rotating…

with it having a blue light is this more susceptible to light

just trying to get my head round where im going wrong, the bust scans, but not great and other things i’ve scanned white plastic clip used for pluming is not great, quiet a simple plastic item I thought the scanner would cream…at moment I cant see how it would scan say small high detailed model…

advise and help appreciated…

Mini doesn’t like ambient light. I get the best scans when the environment is quite dark.

Make sure you have the exposure in the bottom camera preview so that it shows just a little bit of red, or no red. Too much red is overexposed. Too much blue is under exposed.

Keep the scanner at around 10cm from the thing you are scanning for the most detail.

The turntable is kind of bad at the moment with the Revoscan control. The best thing to do is use the Android app for the turntable that’s written by some members of this forum. You will be able to control it much better until Revopoint release the next Revoscan with manual control. Once I started using the app, I had much more success with the Mini.

All I can say is keep practicing. You will learn what works and what doesn’t. 3D scanning is complicated and requires perseverance. I’ve yet to use a 3D scanner that I could just pick up and get great results with without spending a considerable amount of time getting to know how to get the best of it.

Can you post a screenshot of your scan of the bust?

One thing that really helped me is not worrying too much about the preview of the scan in the main window looking like a Star Trek transporter malfunction. Once you fuse the point cloud and mesh, most of the garbage data is cleaned up.

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The clip you scanned was probably to small and had not other items to use for tracking.

And the 60frames or 6 second delay does not cause any problems.
It lets the scanner see a few frames before it starts moving

Try watching some how to scan videos and try it again

Thanks for the helpful advise I’l keep the light box and turn the light off (lol) but I think it will help keeping ambient light out, my last scan with the bust but it looks a bit featureless,

I also think the turntable not helping me to the point I was thinking of getting the std model, where do I find the android app (is that something for the phone) if it is i’m an Apple user)

I will persevere not every day as its demoralising but I know (i think) how i should improve, like taking more care with the lighting of the model, thanks again for the advise, let me know what you think of the screen shot im not over impressed…

Yeah, that doesn’t look good. Very featureless.
How many frames was that scan? More doesn’t always mean better, in fact in many cases it means worse.
How far away was the bust when you scanned? 10cm seems to be the best distance.

cant remember the frames but the distance was classed as excellent probably 3 passes using the multy axis turntable all fetures were captured but end result didnt impress me alot of room for improvement.

At which resolution are you fusing the scan?
Fusing it at 0.02mm will give more detail.

Also try to avoid scanning surfaces multiple times, this will also reduce detail.