Would an extra led licht or ring light be benificiary

would adding a led light or ring light help in getting consistant scans? as all surfaces are equilly lit up?
I’m considering an Ulanzi VL61 and 3D print me a frame for the pop2 to attach a cold shoe on top of the scanner.

Not really , better to get a light box , I tried I am getting dark shadows on the sides and I used 2 on the sides.

this one below would be better as you can control exactly the lighting for scanning color data .
Plus it have PVC black background included , this will be invisible for the scanner and you get soft box lighting all around the model, since the walls are reflective. But this is option for turntable only .

Keep in mind that the POP and POP 2 generate their own light for 3D scanning. An LED light is only useful if you are capturing color or texture and too much of it will overload the POP’s IR Depth Camera, preventing you from getting good scans.


it’s indeed for color scan’s that i was thinking of an extra light.

You would probably be best served with a Light Box (readily available on Amazon if you don’t have photography stores near you).

Jeff, I actually ordered the light box I posted above yesterday , using just LED did not worked for the color capture well , we going to see tomorrow how it works in action … finger crossed

I thought the same and made a printable prototype for mounting a Ringlight to my Mini Scanner: Printables
With my first models I had better results than without a mounted light source.
Also I noticed that the colour and the brightness of the light influences the quality of the scan and the tracking ability - it tends to work better with warmer light then with cold (blue) light. Probably because the blue light interferences with the Scanner light :thinking:


That is correct @KonstisSFX , My ring light has all tones , and the cool tone not good for use with MINI and you need to have it also on a very low level , for POP2 or POP or Range no problem .

you should post a new thread with the prototype , I will print and test it out as it looks very good and will be definitely more usable for me with POP2 as I don’t use MINI for color. scans


I will do this later as soon as I uploaded the G-Code.
The topic Tutorials & Tips is probably the right place for the thread :thinking:
I also have a multicoloured Ring Light and used it on the lowest setting :blush:

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Please post new thread under Discussion POP2 & Accessories or MINI & Accessories. But I think POP2 section would be most popular with this .

That’s where additional stuff like printing accessories goes from now on .

Thank you ! Can’t wait to test it out !

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