Scanning Very Symmetric Objects / "Textured" Turntable Top

I’m having some difficulty scanning very symmetric objects. I’ve used the markers but they can add rough spots to the scans. Are there specific techniques in dealing with objects like that?

I don’t recall where I saw it, but I’ve seen some turntable tops that seemed to have some kind of “texture” or “pattern” on them–I suspect it’s to help with the scanning. Where can I get that or download an STL to 3d print? I’m not sure if it’s called something specific.

There is something like this.

Look on or for “revopoint”. Some very usefuls stuff there.

Also, sometimes for better scanning and tracking it is still neccessery to use quite a bit makers on the object itself, which can either be smoothed or filled up (if holes are left in the model) in revo studii. Many lo use freeware like meshlab, blender etc. for auch pistprocessing.

Read the manual, then join facebook groups and check youtube videos, e. g.

Many useful and helpful stuff to find there!



Scrunch up a piece of paper into a flattened ball and scan on top of that. The random features in the paper add great features for detection.