Hi it is about 3 days i’m trying to use the new Range, but I have a lot of problems with it.
trying to scan my face, it can’t track correctly the two side of the face. The nose is duplicated and many deformations occur every time.
I did practice with pop2 for a year.
I tried with different light sourses and in many conditions without any difference but the noise.
i tried to scan from different distances, but nothing changes
i tried with both versions of revo scan the official and the 5 beta.
I think it need calibration, but i don’t know how to calibrate it. in the package there isn’t any calibration board like in the pop 2 package.
please help me!

these are all different try…

You can’t move your head if you scan your face , if you do even slightly it will produce shift , let someone else scan your face , try it from front , move around and return back to front , or use office chair and rotate around while Range is on a Tripod.

You need to clean up your scan after scanning , don’t mesh it direct after scanning and fussing , you need to clean overlapped and isolated points , RS5 is different than RS4 .
Also don’t over scan multiple times the same areas, it will make it worse , not better …

If you really want to scan your face yourself , you need to rest your back head on a wall to prevent it from moving , human body never stays still

Your issues are not calibrations or Scanner issues , Range just works different way that you are used to … keep also the distance not closer than 30 cm from your face

Don’t use old RS version with Range, it is not made to be use with RS4 … it needs RS5