Range 3D Scanner - Automotive Scans

This is the first automotive scan I did with the Range scanner, it’s first Beta prototype sample so things can only get better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

out of the box this thing has no problems with tracking and the field of view is very big which is excellent for automotive scanning of large items like chassis, bumpers, or even the whole car,
chassis scan was done in 3 sections only because the car lift was in the way of getting round the thing in one go, the whole thing was quick and easy to scan,

meshed in Revo Studio after alignment of the 3 scans

I then scanned the subframe that is going to be used in the design

dimension measured on the subframe are very accurate 1070mm was as close as I could measure it by hand

CAD in progress for new chassis design

I have more to add to this one
To Be Continued…


I like this a lot. It looks as if the Range scanner will be the most useful in my projects.


Awesome, any issues with low light? Like under the hood? I assume the IR projector is more powerful than the the Pop 2… I have better luck with using the LED strobe texture mode with my other scanners than their IR in these these areas…

Love to see how these work for engine scans.

For the chassis measurements maybe I misread it but how close was it to actual? My small business does a lot of work with local drag racing chassis shops and I have been stitching my scans together for similar data which is a ton of work when trying to keep a high degree of accuracy.

Nice scans and thanks for sharing.

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Low light is not a problem at all, the IR projector is more powerful than the POP2 i think as the distance that it can detect objects is impressive, also i have scanned a full dashboard that is black and it picked it up without any scanning spray at all, I’ll share that later :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Dimensions are almost perfect! On the subframe scan I used a tape measure to measure it between the mounting holes and the average measurement was 1070mm with a tape measure so not as accurate as vernier calipers ( I don’t have vernier calipers over a metre ) the scan measurements came out at an average 1070.3 mm using best fit cylinder or mesh sketch to find the holes centre, so i think 0.3mm could easily be human error in using the tape measure,
with the POP2 i was getting a lot of error stack up on the same subframe


Thank you so black dash no issues? Love if you don’t mind Messaging me an image. Really curious on that. Also yes that’s i easy human error for that distance. How about smaller components on the scan? Like the upper control arm length.

Thanks for the reply.

Heyy… What does mean “messaging me an image”, we all want an image! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Looks promising. Seems tracking might be better due to both view angle and FPS, though interesting, how fine details it can capture.

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I only did a quick test scan to see what it’s like and was very impressed by the results, I will of course show you all the results but at the moment all the images need to be approved by Revopoint and as it was just a quick quick test I don’t think it’s good enough to show the full potential of the scanner and it was done with old software, the new version should improve the scan so i will rescan it later and post the results :sunglasses:


Dashboard rescanned with new version of the software and got as much detail as possible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s impressive! How long did it take you to scan it?


I spent a bit of time to get as much detail as possible, actual scanning time was probably 10-15 minuets, getting in behind the wheel took a bit of time because other things get in the way,
if you just needed the basic dash without the wheel and switches etc then maybe 2 minutes each side would be enough, this is my daily driver so didn’t remove anything, if you use scanning spray it would be even easier and quicker

Very good results, for the most part.

You would get better results on the vents if the imaginary line between the scanner’s sensors was parallel to to the slats.

it’s a black dashboard No scanning spray, could have got better results with scanning spray but I wanted to see what it could do


That’s amazing scan Johnathan, knowing it was scanned without a scanning spray and black plastic … in so small space where you need to keep big distance , one only would appreciate it if they used Range . Keep up the good job !


Thanks for sharing this one :+1:

Looking closely, details aren’t really fancy - just thinking would I try to recreate any of the details here in case I would them to fit in the existing “environment”, it would be impossible, but hey - it’s a whole dashboard, scanned with Revopoint! And besides fine details quality it looks flawless!

Yeah, could have removed the seats to give me room to do it easier and details would have been better i think, I had to reach in from each side, seat’s, windscreen, bodywork etc all get in the way a little :wink:


I don’t think the fine shiny black plastic details would looks better even if you did , they need 3D spray but the challenge was great to do that without . You can see the difference on the surface , reflection creates distortions no matter what material it is .
However it was not about the small details anyway , it was about the big details and they looks flawless , the purpose was fulfilled .


For reference this is the dashboard as it was scanned,


Ok I see what is going on , the new software has a complete new gain tracking area selection so it can switch automatic between dark and light surfaces , the small black elements are in a brighter area so it is very tricky to get both at the same time since the contrast is too huge and the elements too small . We talking here about PVC and Black Plastic that is actually not visible by POP2 or MINI since it absorb infrared and blue light .
Again the challenge was great ! And the results are very good.

It would be completely no problem to get all the fine details if 3D spray was used since Range can capture finer details than this. But that would be too easy task .


Okay… Take my money… Revopoint