Hello, Stephane fan and maker of car models

hello, i’ve been looking for a 3d scan for years, I think the range will help me. I want to scan part of old cars to make my models nicer!


Hi and welcome!
Congrats, then you picked the right one for the job out of revopoint scanner family! :clap::grin:


If you want to scan actual car parts, then the Range is the product to choose.

If you want to scan models of cars, then you’ll probably be better off with the Mini.

Scanning old cars he said , models is what he do …

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Hello Stephane , congrats on your new tool ! Yes definitely the right scanner for scanning real cars .


Hi Stephane,

You definitely choose the right scanner (and community).

As an newbie with scanning aswell, here’s a word of advise:
Please understand that scanning isn’t straight forward. A very wise woman told me once “your scanner is like your tool, it takes practice to master it and put the craft into masterpieces”.

It’s really fun to learn, practice and grow. You don’t have to wait before your range arrives. You can start now; keep an sharp eye on this forum and watch YouTube (revopoint, @PopUpTheVolume and many others)

Have fun!